Interfaith Cultural Conference

The Interfaith Cultural Conference is being organised by Multicultural Arts and Media Centre (MAMC) on Wednesday 20th November 2013 at 12pm to 4pm at MAMC with organisations, faiths and individuals from all communities from the borough who have been meeting over the months at MAMC. The group have agreed terms and reference for the project and this will be the first event to share discussion.

There will be presentations from diverse lecturers to discuss some of the following:
1. What is Culture?
2. Understanding Your Community.
3. Importance of Multiculturalism in Schools.
4. How Arts and Media can help Wellbeing.

This event for all communities including, teachers, council officers, youth officers and community organisations.

To book your free place, please contact: M Sarwar (CEO) 07930 306933
Email: [email protected]

Interfaith Cultural Project (ICP) is supported by Multicultural Arts and Media Centre (MAMC). This is part of the Arts and Media for Health and Wellbeing project, funded by Clinical Commissioning Group (HMR) and Link4Life.