The take part website is a new arts site for the Townships of Rochdale, Heywood, Middleton and the Pennines in Rochdale Borough.
We promote the arts and digital community media work in the borough of Rochdale, highlighting the work of arts organisations and the communities they serve.

There are so many fantastic arts organisations and activities going on within Rochdale Borough, and what we are trying to do at takepart is create a centralised hub of news and events, to showcase the work of arts organisations and keep people abreast of of arts news and events.

Our homepage features all the latest arts news and events from Rochdale, Heywood, Middleton and the Pennines Townships. We also have an email newsletter to sign up to, so you need never miss a show, workshop or class.

We are featuring news from 14 arts organisations. They all have a profile page with clear links and sign postings to their individual websites and contact details, and featuring the latest social media posts to keep people up to date with the latest activities.

We have a calendar with events, workshops and classes that people can attend, creating a hub for arts events within Rochdale Borough. Check the listings and take part!

takepart is funded by Rochdale Link4life and Arts Council UK.

About Link4life

Development, support and encouragement of the arts in Rochdale Borough is central to the work of Link4Life. The arts build a positive sense of wellbeing holding families and communities together. Link4Life supports and encourages the development of the arts in Rochdale Borough in partnership through Voluntary Sector Arts Organisations and other bodies.

To support the art in the borough the TakePart project was established to deliver a digital platform for the people to discover the exciting arts offer of the Borough.

Link4Life supports the delivery of a holistic cultural offer through Sports & Leisure, Community Development and Arts & Heritage.

In 2011 a review of the Arts Revenue Funded Organisations was undertaken by the Link4Life. A new application process was established and approved by the Trustees of Link4Life. Voluntary Sector Arts Organisations in the Borough were invited to apply for funding beginning in April 2012. The application process saw an increase in the number of VSAO supported through funding from RMBC administered by Link4Life from 9 to 14.

The Arts and Heritage Service operates from two main sites – Touchstones Rochdale and the Arts & Heritage Resource Centre, Link4Life’s Arts & Heritage Service delivers an exciting, holistic, cultural offer raising confidence, self-esteem and aspirations.

This proactive offer instigates a pathway to a life long engagement with learning and participation with its associated positive benefits to long term health and well being.

For more information on Arts & Heritage please contact Julian Jefferson, Head of Arts & Heritage.