Langley Theatre Workshop

Langley Theatre Workshop LogoLangley Theatre Workshop provides high quality dance, drama and music projects for free or very little to all ages. We empower those most disadvantaged allowing them equal opportunity to express their talents and aspirations in a positive way.

We use the arts as a tool to equip children, young people and local residents with essential life skills which provide them with opportunity to develop self confidence, self esteem and the ability to develop respect for themselves and others and life skills in a constructive way in a safe friendly environment.

Our charity supports the local community and delivers our priorities by providing workshops weekly in street-dance, drama, ballet, cheerleading, arts and crafts, mature movers, guitar tuition, jam night, musical theatre, and youth theatre, singing, fitness and examination classes in drama, guitar and ballet. We are actively productive within our community supporting and working in partnership with all agencies and other voluntary organisations to ensure our local community has the best access to leisure facilities.