It is the aim of Link4Life that this Borough is perceived as a dynamic and nurturing environment in which accessible, quality arts can flourish and participation in arts is seen by all people as an experience that supports the fulfilment of human needs.The Arts & Heritage Service does this by:

  • Working closely with and giving revenue support to Voluntary Sector Arts Organisatiions in the borough, which aim to engage people in creative experiences
  • Initiating and/or supporting individual projects which focus on access to the arts through participation
  • Working in partnership with different council services and other agencies to address personal and social issues in the lifes of people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, abilities and lifestyles
  • Advising and supporting arts organisations and artists to reach their goals in the arts development field
  • Giving information and advice to members of the general public about activities, project opportunities, involvement and training
  • Supporting events and event development
  • Promoting the value of the arts.